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Historic Hideaway (in progress)

Tucked into the side of Stour valley, lies this property of 6 acres of historical importance and intrigue

The customer brief was to allow sheep to graze on half the land, the remainder, designed by Acres Wild, was to maximise use and create a sinuous experience.

A new driveway was installed to capitalise on the impact of the historical structure. The eye is then drawn west, where a mature oak tree provides a dappled canopy over a newly installed lawn. The nepeta and rose border is the threshold to the formal central pathway that directs through a brick pergola to be dressed by a mass of climbing roses and wisteria. Attention is then drawn to a yew enclosed scented garden with a central fountain overlooked by a wrought iron bandstand.

Design by:
Acres Wild
Built by:
Beetlestones Garden Maintenance