Maintenance and Aftercare

Tailored management plans are created to suit your requirements from mowing to mulching, weeding to watering.

Your garden evolves year after year and continually develops.

An aftercare plan is essential to a garden and its design to ensure it matures by nurturing the plants and trees to the highest standards. Therefore, your garden will then flourish to its full potential for years, giving you the most from your outdoor space.

We create bespoke plans to suit your requirements and would love to manage your garden. We work from tailor-made task sheets to make sure specific jobs are completed on each visit. Your plants, trees, lawns and soil condition are monitored either weekly or fortnightly.

Beetlestone’s aim to manage your garden for 12 months a year to help maintain its full potential.

We have the tools and skills to undertake any tasks to the best horticultural standards. Weekly or fortnightly visits are what we offer, allowing us to connect with your outdoor space and increase synergy with you and our designers.

Please get in touch to find out how we can make your plans happen.


Interested in our Services?

Contact us and we would be delighted to arrange a site visit to discuss your maintenance requirements and provide a quotation for your you.